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Transport of waste to approved treatment facilities

BUCHEN Industrial Services transports hazardous (waste) materials with the utmost care. Of course, we do this in full compliance with all applicable national and international regulations. Our personnel are, therefore, very familiar with the characteristics of ADR-classified goods. They were specially trained and constantly retrained to work with these.

Thanks to our work in industrial cleaning, we have years of experience in the safe transport of hazardous (waste) materials. Of course, it is also possible for non-hazardous substances to be transported by us.

Transport of hazardous substances

We have gained many years of experience safely transporting hazardous (waste) substances thanks to our work in industrial cleaning. BUCHEN Industrial Services has an ADR and VLG-approved fleet of vehicles for the transport of hazardous materials in compliance with Belgian and Dutch legislation. This fleet consists exclusively of specially equipped vehicles that meet the highest environmental standards and EC directives.

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