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For remote cleaning of pipes and bundles in order to optimally monitor the safety of our personnel

Automatic cleaning is done using specialised automatic cleaning equipment. These devices are remotely controlled so the employee can be at a safe distance. Additionally, automatic cleaning is up to twice as fast as by hand and cleans more evenly. For this, we follow the advice of the Stichting Industriële Reiniging (SIR, the Foundation for Industrial Cleaning) to use (fully-)automatic cleaning equipment as much as possible.

Automatic cleaning is also twice as fast as manual cleaning.

Automatic cleaning has some key benefits:

Highest safety level

BUCHEN Industrial Services can clean semi-automatically and fully automatically with this modern equipment. This means that the operator is standing outside a 6-meter radius of the cleaning, or not at the cleaning site at all. According to the SIR guidelines, we position operators outside the "line of fire” as much as possible. As such, BUCHEN Industrial Services puts safe working and employee safety at the forefront.

Cleaning fast and efficiently

In addition to increasing safety, automatic cleaning has the advantage of being much faster. It is up to twice as fast than by hand. It also cleans more evenly, which is better for the heat transfer capacity of a heat exchanger. You can safely assume that this reduces the total cost of ownership for you, the client.

Great ease of use

The drive of our equipment is a further development of an existing concept, and has been fully optimised. The main improvement is that we replaced the chain drive of the crawler hose machine with a roller drive. This allows the drive to push a crawler hose of different diameters without setting and adjustment time. For users, this means that the machine is very user-friendly to operate. Furthermore, the maintenance of the machine becomes much easier.

Easy to maintain

The cleaning machine is easy to maintain thanks to the roller drive. In fact, existing machines with a chain suffer badly from wear and tear. Chains quickly fill up with dirt. The roller drive of the crawler hose machine does not have that disadvantage.

Compact design

Another advantage is that BUCHEN Industrial Services' crawler hose machine is compact. It is so easy to handle that one employee can assemble the machine. Each individual component of the crawler hose machine is never heavier than 25 kilograms. Furthermore, up to three crawler hoses can be used simultaneously, depending on the needs of the job. The crawler hose machine also allows water with a working pressure of up to 3,000 bar to be fed safely through a pipe.

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