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Cleaning without personnel entry

The safety of our employees is number one at BUCHEN Industrial Services. Therefore, we are constantly developing new and safe working methods and protective equipment in consultation with our sister companies. The in-house developed non-man entry system is a good example of this. This system allows us to clean tanks and vessels on the inside without personnel having to enter them.

Environmentally friendly cleaning process

Due to the fact that our employees do not have to enter the object to be cleaned, they stay out of the danger zone, and we limit exposure to potential risks. In addition, this tank cleaning method is many times faster than traditional cleaning. Moreover, it is an excellent and functional cleaning method with less emission and less wastewater. This method has the reuse of water during the cleaning process to thank for that. This, in turn, ensures that the non-man entry cleaning method is not only safe but also very environmentally friendly.

BUCHEN Industrial Services' non-man entry system cleans at least 85% of a tank without having to enter it. Our staff only needs to enter when it is completely safe. This makes cleaning safer and faster than traditional tank cleaning.

How does non-man entry cleaning work?

The non-man entry cleaning system consists of three components that can be used individually or together. The use of several parts and their combination depends on the contamination and cleaning conditions.


The scanjet is a programmable tank wash head with a pneumatic movable lance. This lance is mounted on the tank roof. The tank wash head cleans very thoroughly because it can rotate at an angle of 0 to 140 degrees. Furthermore, all settings of the scanjet can be fully programmed. This, in combination with the tank wash head operating on compressed air and low-pressure water, gives you the guarantee that a tank will be rinsed quickly and efficiently. What’s more, the scanjet is ATEX Zone 0 compliant.

Manhole cannon

The manhole cannon consists of a hydraulically movable lance equipped with a camera. This lance is operated from the control unit. The manhole cannon can also clean under nitrogen conditions, should the need arise. In addition, the manhole cannon hermetically seals the manhole, resulting in zero emissions. Contaminants are removed evenly and thoroughly thanks to a maximum pressure of 30 bar. In addition, the hydraulic arm makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas. The operator can check the condition of the inside without entering the tank as the system is equipped with lighting and a camera. Thus, it fully complies with the non-man entry principle.

Tank cleaning robot

As is the case with the other components of the non-man entry system, the tank cleaning robot is operated from outside the tank to be cleaned. In addition, the robot is also equipped with a camera. In this way, our employee can check the robot’s cleaning at any time. The robotic cleaning is done with a cutter that transports the product to the suction nozzle. Adding water under high pressure loosens the contamination and it makes the process of pumping the contaminants out easier. The robot has a sufficient grip on any surface, thanks to its tracks. This ensures that the tank cleaning robot can be used to thoroughly clean just about any tank.

Benefits of non-man entry cleaning

Safe cleaning method

Employees are not exposed to hazardous materials and work in a safe environment.

Shorter turnaround time

The non-man entry cleaning system can be installed quickly and easily. On top of that, it cleans many times faster than manual cleaning.

Excellent and functional cleaning method

At least 85% of the tank can be cleaned without a human entering it.

Fewer emissions

The manhole is hermetically sealed, resulting in virtually zero emissions.

Less wastewater

The wastewater is regenerated during the cleaning process.

Flexible deployment

The various components of the non-man entry cleaning system can be combined depending on the level of contamination and the conditions.

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