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Cleaning with hair precision

The ultrasonic unit can be used to clean a wide variety of objects. Initially, the ultrasonic unit was developed for cleaning small and larger heat exchangers of both the hairpin and straight-through tube types. In many ways, industrial ultrasonic cleaning offers significant benefits over other cleaning methods.

High-frequency sonic waves

Through our sister company REYM we offer industrial ultrasonic cleaning. It is a technique that uses high-frequency sound waves. The object to be cleaned is immersed in a large bath. In it, the sound waves create tiny air bubbles that implode at the contaminated surface. This will loosen the dirt, e.g. residue of a petroleum fraction. Combined with the right mix of chemicals, the dislodged contaminants in the liquid will be absorbed or discharged to the liquid surface. Thanks to an increase in the liquid temperature, cleaning speed and absorption capacity increase significantly.

By increasing the liquid temperature, the cleaning speed and absorption capacity increase significantly


Initially, the unit was developed for cleaning small and large heat exchangers. This is for both the hairpin and straight-through tube types. In addition, REYM's ultrasonic unit can clean several other objects. Examples include fuses, hand valves, plate changers, flame arrestors, expansion dampers, scaffolding parts, demister packages, filter candles, Pall rings and Raschig rings.

Key benefits

Cleaning of less accessible areas

The transmission of high-frequency sound waves largely passes through the object's material. This allows hard-to-reach areas to still be cleaned.

Less chance of mechanical damage

With thorough preparation, industrial ultrasonic cleaning perfectly matches the contamination on the object, the object's materials and the mix of chemicals to be applied. As a result, there is very little chance of damage to the materials or the material’s surface.

Speed of cleaning

Using another cleaning method would take more time for more complexly constructed objects. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning is shape-independent, so this method has no disadvantages in this situation.

Fewer emissions

Emissions can always occur during object cleaning. When using industrial ultrasonic cleaning, the object is immersed in a liquid containing a mix of chemicals. This liquid is mixed so that unwanted emissions of certain chemicals are mostly chemically controlled and captured. This causes the emission to be absorbed into the cleaning solution. In this way, we protect the environment and maintain a safe working environment.

Reduced water consumption

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning has experimentally demonstrated that water consumption is reduced by more than 50% compared to more conventional cleaning methods.

Safe cleaning method

Ultrasonic cleaning by REYM is an almost fully automated cleaning system. As a result the most important aspect for operators is that our employees work safely and ergonomically. For example, in industrial ultrasonic cleaning, we use the available overhead cranes to hoist objects in and out. Furthermore, there is an automatic separation of released solid contaminants.

The cleaner, the better

Thanks to many field tests of ultrasonically cleaned heat exchangers, we know that in a significant number of cases, the process life span was significantly longer when it was cleaned to a high degree using industrial ultrasonic cleaning. We can explain this by the deep cleansing effect. It is so deep that it also cleans the pores. Furthermore, the chosen mix of chemicals and the cleaning temperature, combined with the cleaning of less accessible areas, play an important role in obtaining a longer life span for the heat exchanger. This finding once again confirms the added value of industrial ultrasonic cleaning.

How clean must it be?

How clean and pure an object needs to be cleaned is an interplay between you, the client, and BUCHEN Industrial Services. There is technically clean, production clean or inspection clean. All three often represent an achievable cleanliness degree qualification of an object after cleaning.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning can be used for a technically clean, production clean or inspection clean qualification

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