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Ship cleaning at its best

BIS-NV specialises in ship cleaning, including seagoing vessels and barges. We can work on-site at any location in Belgium.

Expert ship cleaning using specialised equipment

We have specialised equipment at our disposal, such as high-pressure and hot water units. We provide the most complete service in ship cleaning and effectively clean everything from the deck to lens surfaces. In addition to cleaning ship holds under high pressure, our crews can also:

  • Remove rust and coatings with high-pressure water
  • Degrease machines
  • Collect ship waste such as bilges, sludge, sewage, wash water, etc.
  • Clean tanks and lens surfaces

We work in compliance with all safety standards and issue a cleaning or processing certificate after the work is done.

What BIS-NV can do for you:

Clean and degrease engine rooms (clean seawater, oil and air filters, purifiers, etc.)

Urgent collection of sludge and bilges

Fight oil spills

Remove rust and coatings on the outer hull and deck to prepare the surface for painting

Clean ship holds using a high-pressure hot water unit

Clean tanks and deep tanks

Degrease and clean machines and/or machine parts

Remove oil and grease stains

Cleaning of ship holds

After the cargo is unloaded from ship holds, residues often remain in the holds. It is important to clean the holds before they are ready for a new load. We provide thorough cleaning of all holds/spaces. This can be done manually or semi-automatically. We guarantee you fast service with accurate agreements on timing, a healthy dose of customer-friendliness and solid quality.

The residues and wash water are disposed of at our legally recognised processing centres

Cleaning engine rooms

A ship's engine room requires regular cleaning. We have all the necessary resources available in-house for this work to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Fighting oil spills

In the event of oil spills on water or on-board, we are available 24/7 to clean it up quickly and professionally. By doing so, we prevent further environmental damage and potential economic consequences.

All waste materials are always disposed of at a licensed treatment facility

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