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At BUCHEN Industrial Services, we are known as a leading service provider

We realise that this does not automatically mean a guarantee for the future. We, therefore, pay constant attention to further improving quality, safety and care for the environment. To protect our position as a service provider, it is very important to train and retrain our personnel continuously. As such, we constantly ensure that they are professional, caring, alert, open and respectful. In this way, a professional and safe approach to high-risk work is guaranteed.


BUCHEN Industrial Services believes in providing the highest levels of quality and safety. After all, we must be able to promise this to our clients on a daily basis. Therefore, our dedication to this is reflected in the many accreditations our company has received. Furthermore, all of our specialised staff have several licenses and certificates. Our strict QHSE standards also apply to all our subcontractors. For this reason, BUCHEN Industrial Services only works with partner companies that are certified and approved according to our strict internal guidelines.

We can guarantee quality

The quality of our services is checked regularly. We do this by subjecting our operation to audits. This, both internally and externally by independent national and international inspection bodies. Thus, we force ourselves to perform even more emphatically and continuously at the highest level, leaving nothing to chance. This is necessary because the outcome of these audits is often decisive in obtaining official certifications such as ISO certification. These certificates are essential for being allowed to perform certain jobs.


Cleaning complex installations and working with hazardous (waste) materials involves great responsibility. This applies not only to our employees but also to our clients and the environment. We therefore take our social responsibility very seriously. This is why we at BUCHEN Industrial Services continually invest in safer working methods, safer equipment and greater safety awareness. Through hands-on training, we learn to spot all kinds of risks early and subsequently eliminate or reduce them.

Year after year, we do everything we can to reduce the number of workplace accidents to zero. After all, we want all our employees to get home safe and sound every day.

Learning from the past

BUCHEN Industrial Services encourages reporting any anomalies. All notifications are recorded and analysed. Afterwards, we take immediate action to prevent recurrence and ensure greater safety. Practice tells us that multiple factors are always involved in an anomaly. Our employees are aware that they are the last link in preventing an accident. Therefore, they must conduct a safety check before starting work.

Always check first: is EVERYTHING OK?

QHSE coordinators and supervisors encourage all employees to adopt the EVERYTHING OK working method for safety as a standard. This involves answering five questions before a person starts or resumes work:

Do I know what work I will do and how?

Have the dangers of my work been discussed with me?

Do I have the proper (approved) tools?

Do I have the Personal Protective Equipment? Do I use it correctly?

Is my workplace tidy and can I work safely in this environment?

Only if all questions are answered "yes" the work may be performed. In all other cases, consultations should be held first to see how safety can be ensured.

We are also very committed to a healthy environment

At BUCHEN Industrial Services, we consider the generations to follow. Therefore, we are committed to sustainable waste management with an active environmental policy to which we attach clear measurable goals. To achieve these goals, we continuously train the environmental awareness of all our employees. Furthermore, we consider how to minimise or even avoid environmental impact with each project.

The environment is really close to our hearts, which is why we regularly go the extra mile in caring for a better environment. We go beyond what is required by laws and regulations related to sustainability

Engage in responsible collaboration

You can rely on a professional and fully responsible service when you partner with BUCHEN Industrial Services. For this reason, we always make sure that all necessary permits are in place. At the very least, all our branches meet every conceivable requirement and condition set forth in the Environmental Management Act.

We also use the CO2 performance scale entirely on our own initiative to measure our sustainability. This is a practical tool to reduce our own CO2 emissions and those of our clients.

Initially, the emphasis here is on a structural reduction in energy consumption. Secondly, we ensure the most efficient use of materials. Finally, we use renewable energy as much as possible.

Always up to date with the new environmental regulations

All changes in general and environmental laws and regulations are registered and closely monitored by us. This enables us to constantly respond and adapt to these changes with a sense of purpose. Thanks to our vigilance, BUCHEN Industrial Services is always at the forefront of sustainability and caring for a cleaner environment. Our guiding principle is to strictly adhere to all environmental laws and regulations, which ensures that we do not commit any violation. Through periodic internal and external audits, we remain observant for any risks. It also allows us to keep looking for possible areas of improvement. What’s more, we engage in discussions with our clients.

We do this because we are convinced that everyone benefits from always being aware of new environmental regulations. In this way, we keep each other alert


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Safer Together campaign

Health and safety are top priorities in conducting our business. We have created a campaign that focuses on just that. The campaign quickly and clearly informs all our employees and clients about keeping things safe together.

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