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We bring your equipment back to an optimal condition

Chemical cleaning dissolves any contamination in industrial and processing equipment that adversely affects quality, capacity, efficiency and heat transfer. Hence, in consultation with our sister companies, BUCHEN Industrial Services will bring your equipment back to optimum processing condition.

Have you ever calculated what it costs if your production decreases by 1% daily?

It could just be due to deposits and contaminants in your production process. In fact, industrial and processing equipment often contains contaminants that adversely affect quality, capacity, efficiency and heat transfer. Thanks to chemical cleaning by BUCHEN Industrial Services, your equipment is returned to optimal processing condition. Whether it be scaling, corrosion deposits or contaminants, BUCHEN Industrial Services has a solution for virtually every situation. Both on and offshore.


BUCHEN Industrial Services has the expertise to analyse the deposit or contamination in your production process and investigate what caused it. We select the appropriate chemical composition to use based on laboratory research and experimentation. This thorough research enables us to present you with the most effective and cost-efficient cleaning method.

All cleaning operations generate waste materials. Thanks to our research in a specialised laboratory, BUCHEN Industrial Services can perfectly assist you in processing these wastes


Deploying the right material is just as important as the chosen chemical process or methodology. Thanks to an excellent combination of the two, we can promise you successful results with chemical cleaning. In fact, BUCHEN Industrial Services has a wide range of pump units, circulation tanks, hoses and measuring equipment.

During the work, we constantly measure the cleaning progress. We do this using mobile testing and analysis equipment. This also allows us to provide you with a comprehensive report upon completion of the cleaning work

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