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Latest technology and specialized equipment

Using the latest technology and highly sophisticated equipment, our expert and experienced personnel clean industrial pipes, storage tanks, distillation towers and the pipe bundles of an installation. This also includes reactors, vessels and the site surfaces where the facilities are located.

Our expert and experienced personnel are highly specialised in cleaning industrial installations with high-pressure water. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art techniques and highly sophisticated equipment.

More than just cleaning

In addition to high-pressure cleaning, BUCHEN Industrial Services also offers other specific high-pressure work, such as cold cutting and asphalt roughening.

Advantages of working with high-pressure water

Faster cleaning

Unlike grit blasting, working with high-pressure water has the advantage that it cleans many times faster and does not create dust pollution.

Easier operations

Thanks to working with high-pressure water, there is no need to install scaffolding in tanks, vessels and chimneys, among other things.

Take on a high-pressure specialist with BUCHEN Industrial Services

Cleaning of industrial installations

We have specialised in several application areas for working with high pressure where the number of bars varies between 100 and 3,000. Cleaning installations for various industries is one of the main areas of application in the field of high pressure. As an industrial company, you can, therefore, perfectly well use us for cleaning pipes, storage tanks, distillation towers and the pipe bundles of an installation. We can also clean reactors and vessels, as well as the site surfaces where the facilities are located.

Advantages of a mobile high-pressure cleaning system

Working efficiently

Working safely

Working fast

Concrete blasting

Another speciality of BUCHEN Industrial Services is high-pressure water cleaning of vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. This is sometimes referred to as concrete blasting. Concrete blasting is used to remove concrete residue and coatings. Furthermore, this method is ideally suited for cleaning soiled floors and walls.

Working quickly and efficiently

During cleaning, we use a high-pressure unit attached to a mobile unit. This unit is equipped with a swivelling arm that allows us to quickly and efficiently clean various surfaces.

Optimal efficiency

Our many years of experience with the high-pressure cleaning system enable us to determine each project's ideal water pump capacity. This water pump, combined with the perfect number of nozzles, guarantees the best possible efficiency from BUCHEN Industrial Services. As a result, you can be sure that no resources are wasted.


We can remove all types of concrete with powerful water jets. Moreover, no damage is done to the rest of the structure. This makes Hydrodemolition a very safe and targeted method of concrete removal. Only the concrete you want to have removed, will be removed. As BUCHEN Industrial Services puts safety and efficiency first with this service it should come as no surprise that the entire process is carried out by a computer-controlled robot.

Cold cutting

Do you need to cut pipes or ducts in a fire or explosion hazardous environment? Then cutting with water offers you a safe solution. The technique is used in situations where a cutting torch or similar equipment cannot be used because of fire or explosion hazards. BUCHEN Industrial Services uses this method to cut openings in vessels and cut through pipes and ducts. For this job, we work with a minimum air pressure of 6 bar and water pressure of 400 to a maximum of 3,000 bar using 30 to 90 litres of water per minute.

Hydrojet cutting: safe cutting in fire or explosion hazardous environments

The use of this water jet method is referred to as hydrojet cutting. It is very safe in fire or explosion hazardous situations. Thanks to the many years of using this method, combined with numerous system innovations, BUCHEN Industrial Services has become a specialist in hydrojet cutting or cutting with water. As an industrial company, feel free to ask for advice regarding this method. Many others have preceded you.

Bundle cleaner

At BUCHEN Industrial Services, we listen to our clients so that we can meet their specific needs. Due to the identification of these needs and the evaluation of previous projects, we can provide a clear picture of the requirements the modern bundle cleaner has to meet. As a result, BUCHEN Industrial Services helped develop a bundle cleaner that provides optimal results thanks to its specifications. Furthermore, it does it in a very short time. This offers a significant advantage in shutdown projects, allowing the bundle cleaner to ensure a short production stop.

An ideal cleaning method for refineries and the chemical industry

Quick cleaning

Safe cleaning

Efficient cleaning

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