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The core values of our company

BUCHEN Industrial Services excels in the fields of industrial cleaning, transport and waste management. We have stood for safe work practices, innovations and high-quality service for decades.

Caring for our people

Thanks to our employees, we are known as a leading service provider. This is why, in addition to our concern for the environment and quality improvement, their safety receives our full and continuous attention. In this respect, the training and education of our employees are of great importance. As a result, all our professionals possess the core values that BUCHEN Industrial Services stands for, expressed in its slogan, "Working for the future”. This enables us to ensure our professional approach to high-risk work. After all, we want all our employees to get home safe and sound every day. Learn more about our QHSE ambitions

Safety, safety and more safety!

Cleaning complex installations and working with hazardous (waste) materials involves great responsibility. Not only for our own employees but also for clients and the environment. We therefore take our social responsibility very seriously. This is why we at BUCHEN Industrial Services continually invest in safer working methods and equipment as well as greater safety awareness. By providing hands-on training, we learn to detect risks early on and also to eliminate or reduce them. Year after year, we do everything we can to reduce the number of workplace accidents to zero.

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Caring for a better environment

We are also mindful of the generations to follow. That's why at BUCHEN Industrial Services, we commit to ensuring sustainable waste disposal. This includes an active environmental policy in which we set clear measurable goals. To achieve this, we continuously train our employees in environmental awareness. Furthermore, we consider how to minimise or even completely avoid environmental impact with each project. Caring for a better environment is of great importance to us. For this reason, we regularly go well beyond what laws and regulations require regarding sustainability.

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Why choose BUCHEN Industrial Services?

The client-oriented approach

BUCHEN Industrial Services examines every cleaning and waste problem and always provides advice tailored to the client and the problem.

The network of branches across the country

We can provide you with great service all over the country thanks to an extensive network of our own branches and sister companies of the REMONDIS Group.

Professional staff and modern equipment

You can always count on state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained personnel. As a result, BUCHEN Industrial Services can provide a solution for virtually every cleaning and waste problem.

Quality, safety and the environment come first

BUCHEN Industrial Services believes in providing the highest levels of quality and safety. For this, we have been rewarded with many acknowledgements. We also ensure sustainable waste management with an active environmental policy in which we set clear measurable goals.

With us you get the complete package

BUCHEN Industrial Services excels in industrial cleaning, catalyst operations, shutdown management, and waste management. We have stood for safe work practices, innovations and high-quality service for decades.

Quality speaks for itself

We believe in and promise to provide the highest levels of quality and safety. For this, we have been rewarded with many acknowledgements. Our quality is also reflected in the numerous licenses and certificates awarded to our specialised employees. It goes without saying that our strict standards for quality, safety and environmental care also apply to our subcontractors. This allows us to guarantee our clients and employees that we only work with partner companies that are certified and approved according to our strict internal guidelines.

Comprehensive industrial services

BUCHEN has branches throughout Europe, with its headquarters in Germany. This allows jobs to be performed anywhere in the field in a fast, flexible and efficient manner. Moreover, this is always done by highly qualified experts.

At present, BUCHEN has 2,800 employees, including 100 in Flanders. You can count on many years of experience because BUCHEN has been around for more than 50 years. In Flanders, it has 6 branches with a fleet of 80 vehicles. We also have 80 colleagues at our sister company in Wallonia with 2 branches and 80 vehicles. This allows us to be at any place in Belgium within the hour.

An evolution that has benefited and still benefits everyone

In the past, BUCHEN was listed under the names Dapemo and Watco Industrial Cleaning. In 2006 those Belgian subsidiaries were acquired by the German BUCHEN-Gruppe. BUCHEN is a leading European player in cleaning and waste treatment. As a result, with BUCHEN and BUCHEN Industrial Services, you will always have a strong partner. Together, we are constantly searching for new, safer and more efficient cleaning and waste management techniques.

A strong partner of a large group

BUCHEN Industrial Services, together with BUCHEN is part of the REMONDIS Group. This is one of the world's five largest private water and recycling companies, with around 32,000 employees. More than 30 million people and many thousands of public and private sector clients already benefit from the services of the REMONDIS Group. Fully focused on the needs of its clients, REMONDIS offers reliable services and innovative solutions within the recycling and water sectors.

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Safe, environmentally aware, responsible and fair

With BUCHEN Industrial Services, you get an extremely reliable partner. Working to the highest safety and environmental standards is connected to our operations and those of all our processes. We conscientiously work on our quality to provide permanently responsible cleaning and waste solutions. The focus is always on making and keeping our clients worry-free.

Furthermore, responsibility and honesty are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We therefore act according to legal requirements and ethical and moral principles in all countries and industries. Our Corporate Compliance Guidelines form the foundation here. They bind both management and all our employees. The comprehensive Code of Conduct defines all important topics and applies to both BUCHEN Industrial Services, BUCHEN and all other companies of the REMONDIS Group.

Group structure

BUCHEN Industrial Services is part of the REMONDIS Group. REMONDIS is one of the world's leading recycling, services and water companies. It has branches and affiliates in more than 30 countries and is spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. There is a whole network of international specialised companies operating within the REMONDIS Group. The REMONDIS Group offers its services primarily to businesses. However, local governments and individuals are also important clients. Linking these different areas of expertise provides many different benefits. As all these specialised companies work together, each can leverage its decades of industry experience and specialised expertise to provide customised services for each individual sector.

A strong network

BUCHEN Industrial Service, XERVON and REMONDIS together with their subsidiaries and sister companies make up the Maintenance & Services Division. A specialised industrial services division of the REMONDIS Group. This strong network of different companies allows you to use more than just the services of individual companies. In fact, you can also benefit from comprehensive multi-service concepts for a wide range of production and maintenance tasks. The technical services of XERVON and REMONDIS perfectly complement BUCHEN Industrial Services' portfolio. By collaborating with a company from the REMONDIS Group, you are always assured of guaranteed quality, extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V./S.A. // A company of the REMONDIS Group