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Inspection and cleaning of all types of sewers

BUCHEN Industrial Services uses this technique to clean or unclog sewers and to empty septic tanks. We can clean sewers of all shapes and sizes thanks to our well-trained personnel and modern equipment.

For this reason, we will always come up with solutions for businesses, government agencies and water companies

Sewer inspection and advice

Our sewer inspection truck is equipped with advanced measuring and video equipment. This allows us to map the underground situation for you. For example, swivel head cameras clearly visualise the sewer situation. These cameras can be used in sewer systems as small as 100 mm. You will receive the result of our inspection in a comprehensive digital report. In addition, we will give you useful recommendations to improve the sewer situation.

Inspection with a high-tech sewer camera dolly

Our sewer camera dolly distinguishes itself by its fully comprehensive equipment. The operating and control area of the inspection vehicle features three video screens, a computer and a colour printer. What’s more, the video cameras for sewer inspection can be used both as sliding cameras and in combination with an electrically powered camera dolly. In addition, the entire system complies with the ATEX 95 directive, allowing it to be used in explosion hazardous areas. This offers a significant advantage during sewer inspections performed by BUCHEN Industrial Services.

Customised cleaning solution

Thanks to modern equipment and well-trained personnel, BUCHEN Industrial Services cleans sewers of all shapes and sizes. We do this for businesses, government agencies, housing associations or water companies.

BUCHEN Industrial Services can provide a customised solution for every sewer problem

Should you choose BUCHEN Industrial Services for your sewer cleaning needs? That is a foregone conclusion!

Client-oriented approach

BUCHEN Industrial Services assesses every sewer problem and always provides advice tailored to the client and the problem.

A network of branches across the country

We can provide you with great service all over the country thanks to an extensive network of our own branches and sister companies of the REMONDIS Group.

Professional staff and modern equipment

You can always count on state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained personnel. This allows BUCHEN Industrial Services to clean sewers of all shapes and sizes.

Quality, safety and the environment are paramount

BUCHEN Industrial Services believes in offering the highest levels of quality and safety. For this, we have been rewarded with many acknowledgements. We also ensure sustainable waste management with an active environmental policy in which we set clear measurable goals.

A complete package of cleaning services and decades of experience

BUCHEN Industrial Services excels in the fields of industrial cleaning, catalyst operations, shutdown management and waste management. We have stood for safe work practices, innovations and high-quality service for decades.

Good and modern equipment

BUCHEN Industrial Services uses the Eco-Vac vacuum truck to remove waste matter from sewers. This truck is equipped with a vacuum pump with a capacity of as much as 3,000 m³ per hour. Thanks to an additional valve in the rear lid, water can be drained in the meantime. This allows us to load an optimal amount of sludge.

The most efficient, always and everywhere

BUCHEN Industrial Services' high-pressure sewer flushing truck has a tank capacity of 13 m³. In addition, our flushing truck has a hydraulically driven and swivelling hose reel. This reel can hold as much as 120 metres of high-pressure hose. Another advantage of our high-pressure sewer flushing truck is that it can be efficiently used in any location. Even when there are no water or fire hydrants nearby. This significant advantage is due to the jet suction-fill piping system with which BUCHEN Industrial Services' high-pressure sewer flushing truck is equipped.

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