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Shutdown management in (petro-) chemical plants

Shutdowns are common in the petrochemical industry as production processes are regularly shut down. This shutdown is necessary to conduct inspections and maintenance, among other things. We draw up a plan of action in which personnel and equipment are efficiently deployed in close consultation with the client. This, of course, without losing sight of the safety and environmental aspects. The result is a short shutdown period that allows the production process to resume as quickly as possible.

Thanks to many years of experience in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, BUCHEN Industrial Services is leading in shutdown management. During the shutdown period, we perform inspections and maintenance in the most efficient manner.

Advanced equipment

BUCHEN Industrial Services has modern equipment that is fully certified and meets all legal safety regulations. What’s more, most of our equipment is developed in-house. When we clean process equipment, we use high-pressure pumps. This is done in combination with high-pressure bundle cleaners and, if necessary, with high-pressure hot water units.

The bundle cleaners are operated remotely by our people. As a result, we significantly shorten the turnaround time, ensuring substantial cost savings.

Mobile spraying site

Installing a spraying site at your location allows us to maximise the efficiency of our personnel and equipment deployment. A spraying site is set up to clean bundles and heat exchangers and components and collect the contaminated spray water and released process and production pollution in an environmentally friendly manner. We set up the spraying site in such a way that multiple bundles can be cleaned simultaneously. We also install prefabricated partitions that ensure the safety of our employees when applying the high-pressure (water) technology. An additional advantage is that this approach allows for continuous work. As a result, your production process is only shut down to a limited extent.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

You can also find BUCHEN Industrial Services beyond the Belgian borders. Thanks to our meticulously compiled roadmaps and safety plans, approved by our clients, we are regularly approached for international projects. BUCHEN Industrial Services has also conducted many shutdown projects in the Netherlands and Germany. Our many years of experience and the use of well-trained and qualified personnel ensure that we also complete these shutdown projects within the planned time and in a successful manner.

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