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Cutting materials in danger zones

In addition to being used for regular cleaning, high-pressure cleaning is also great for cutting materials such as steel and concrete. For this activity, BUCHEN Industrial Services has the most specialised equipment with highly advanced techniques at its disposal. This allows us to cut all material with great care.

Environmentally friendly and cost-saving

In cold cutting, the cutting sand (abrasive) is put under high pressure along with the water. This significantly increases the cutting speed for hard materials. Thanks to this technique, significantly less water and abrasive are used. Therefore, it is not only financially attractive but also makes cold cutting more environmentally friendly than other cutting methods.

Very safe cutting technology, even in explosive situations

The cold cutting technique is ideally suited for cutting materials in explosion hazardous areas and is frequently used to cut pipes and make recesses in vessels or other materials. Using remotely controlled components, the material can be cut at a distance of 1,000 meters from the machine. This also makes it possible to cut material under water to a depth of as much as 600 metres.

Nothing but benefits

The benefits of this technique are very diverse. With cold cutting, there is no heat generation, so the material properties remain the same. The material does not deform, and there is no dust formation. With very little abrasive, extremely precise cuts can still be made. This allows us to minimise cutting waste.

Suitable for all materials

No heat stress and explosion-proof

No deformation of the material

No dust formation

Minimal use of abrasive

Minimal cutting waste

Remote operation

Environmentally responsible disposal of residual materials

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