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Digital monitoring with the Life Support Unit

The Life Support Unit is a truck specifically designed to work under extreme conditions. For example, working in inert atmospheres, for catalyst replacements and when descending into reactors. The Life Support Unit can also be used when working in tanks.

The latest camera technology allows us to track our employees very closely. Accordingly, the Life Support Unit is fully equipped with devices capable of continuous digital monitoring of our employees. Furthermore, it will always provide our personnel with "Life Support," in the literal sense. Even under the most extreme conditions.

Equipped with various life support attributes such as

Dual live-air lines

Dual live-air lines ensure that our employees have fully independent respiratory protection.

Oxygen consumption measurement

In addition to video and audio monitoring, the system in the Life Support Unit is equipped with a device that measures oxygen consumption.

Always in touch

Integrated communication tools ensure continuous contact between our employees. In this way, immediate action can be taken should anything happen.

Rescue equipment

Our unit is equipped with gas detection systems and rescue and evacuation equipment.

And more...

  • Breathing air supply by low-pressure compressor: inlet air is controlled by CO, H2S, CH4 and O2 sensors.
  • Connection of an external second breathing air apparatus. This provision replaces the low-pressure compressor when the outdoor air atmosphere is not 100% safe.
  • Power generator
  • Integrated emergency cylinder provision in a harness that is completely independent of the Life Support Unit (2 litres, 300 bar)
  • With N², no compressor air is used, but rather breathing air from a breathing air apparatus
  • Backup cylinders with a capacity of 4 x 50 litres at 200 bar.
  • On-screen monitoring in a control room
  • Continuous O2 and infrared temperature sensors, both of which have 6 units.
  • Continuous LEL measurement.
  • The EX-Proof camera includes recording equipment and a DVD burner.
  • Cable length of 100 metres.
  • Life values are read in the control room.

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