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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN’s industrial service ensures a maximum of safety, productivity and availability of installations and machines for industrial enterprises

Full service for industry

The comprehensive range of services offered by BUCHEN includes a great diversity of industrial services for the cleaning and maintenance of installations and installation parts. BUCHEN makes use of innovative technology and works with qualified personnel, but also offers special services such as the disposal of hazardous waste and the decontamination of land and buildings.

Industrial services

  • BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V./S.A. disposes of the right knowledge and experience in the field of industrial cleaning to be able to provide a full service. We offer you a complete range of industrial services in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the metal industry, mining, power plants and other sectors. Our experienced people are available 24/7 with a permanent stand-by service.

    • We understood this as:

      • Industrial cleaning
      • Tank cleaning
      • Chemical cleaning
      • Sewer services
      • Cold-cutting
    • Washing bay: automated cleaning of the inner side of the bundles in heat-exchangers

Catalyst handling

  • Catalysts in the chemical and petrochemical industry serve for product refinement, reducing the impact on the environment and form the heart of each industrial installation. BUCHEN is one of the leading international providers of reactor services.

    Effective minimization of interfaces

    Our versatile range of services comprises all activities for catalyst-relevant processing installations such as reformers, absorbers, converters, hydrocrackers or tubular reactors, and extends to the preparation of the installations through the handling of the catalyst to the regeneration, recycling or waste disposal of the released catalyst units.
    The stoppage management of your catalyst changes also forms part of our portfolio – always taking account of safety, quality, and the time and cost schedule.

    Prior to a project, in cooperation with our customers we assess the overall risk and carry out a risk analysis while drawing up a safety plan.

    Reactor service activities:

      • Stoppage management
      • Preparation of the installations
      • Handling of the catalyst in N2 atmosphere
      • Inspection in N2 atmosphere
      • Maintenance of the internal parts of the reactor
      • Assembly activities

    You can find further information here at our sister company, BUCHEN ICS GmbH.

Waste processing and waste transport

  • Waste treatment

    Our objective is to advise our customers where waste management is involved. Our attention is particularly focused on preventing waste, while proposing the economic, pro-ecological disposal of the waste. Our experience teaches us that almost all companies can save money by implementing good waste management. Our expert service is accordingly also ideal for:

      • The avoidance of too much waste
      • Investigation of the re-use of certain waste material flows
      • Setting out a specific certain company vision relating to waste management
    • Organisation, equipment, know-how and reliability are key concepts as far as recycling or waste disposal are concerned

    Transport of waste material flows

    BUCHEN gives its customers the opportunity of transporting certain waste material flows to approved processors. We can use our suction vehicles to suck up liquids, sludge, waste water as well as fly ash or dry substances and transport them to a processor.
    The customer is the owner of the waste material flow, and with its years of experience in this sector BUCHEN can offer a number of economic options to the customer for processing, or the customer determines to where the waste material flow must be taken.
    BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V./S.A. is registered as an approved transporter of waste material flows in conformity with art. of VLAREA. We are also an approved transporter of waste material flows in Wallonia and the Brussels region. These documents can always be sent to you upon request.

Decontamination of land and buildings

  • BUCHEN Industrial Services assists customers with the decontamination of land and stripping installations. We work with a number of approved contractors with whom we consult on the most economical solution to tackle the problem at the customer.

      • Decontamination of hazardous sites
      • Decontamination of PCB/dioxin damage
      • Fire damage decontamination
      • Building decontamination
      • Decontamination of concrete surfaces
      • Sewer decontamination
      • Processing/disposal of soil and debris
      • Disassembly of industrial installations
    • Decontamination with BUCHEN: we clean contaminated buildings and ensure that the waste material is safely removed and processed

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