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BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V./S.A.

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    1. Image credits  
    Image credits Image credits for the website buchen.be The following provides a list of image credits for the photos used on our website. They have been listed in the order they appear in each...

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    2. Privacy & Cookies  
    BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V. is a full subsidiary company of REMONDIS SE & Co. KG. A very warm welcome to BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V.! The company BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V. is pleased...

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    3. Contact  
    Good service starts with the first contact BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V. Hoogbuul 17 2250 Olen // Belgium T +32 14 216 704 F +32 14 220 250 E-Mail

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    4. Imprint  
    Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V. Hoogbuul 17 2250 Olen // Belgium T +32 14 216 704 F +32 14 220 250 Email Head...

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    5. Broschures/certificates  
    Quality management ISO 9001 REMONDIS Maintenance & Services GmbH (hoofdcertificaat) German English BUCHEN Industrial Services S.A. (Ivoz-Ramet, B) German English BUCHEN Industrial Services...

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    6. Locations  
    Fully up to date with a single click. Enquire about the locations of our company, their services and contact options. more Discover the REMONDIS world with its ##Zahl_Standorte_weltweit##+...

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    7. Career  
    Functie: Organiseren en sturen van het werk van de operators. Opbouwen en onderhouden van goede en efficiënte relaties met de klanten. Informeert continu de projectmanager wat betreft het...

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    8. Technology  
    High-pressure pump BUCHEN uses different pump and construction types to generate a water jet at high pressure. High-pressure pumps up to 1,400 bar and Ultra-high pressure pumps up to 3,000 bar...

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    9. Services  
    Inspection in N2 atmosphere Maintenance of the internal parts of the reactor Assembly activities Organisation, equipment, know-how and reliability are key concepts as far as recycling or waste...

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    10. Company  
    Customer satisfaction, flexibility, innovation, environmental care, quality and safety have already been the cornerstones of BUCHEN’s policy and vision for more than 50 years A strong partner from...

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BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V./S.A. // A company of the REMONDIS-Group


    We operate on an international basis both in Europe and beyond.
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    You can find information about job openings and career opportunities on our career page. We look forward to receiving your application.
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    All departments across all of Europe have the necessary certification for quality and safety management.
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